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Community Outreach Media is a production and new media marketing company specializing in producing content and building platforms for community outreach.


We can establish, promote, and maintain digital communities for your continued outreach efforts. Simply put, we make and deliver the media content you need to meet your outreach goals.



Founded In 2001, Community Outreach Media has worked with many notable groups such as The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, The American Public Works Association, PBS, The Wyland Foundation and many more.


New social media outreach for your community


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You need better outreach, because your cause is important . Would increased public awareness benefit your outreach goals? If so, here's a tip.


Most adults have smart phones and are connected on social platforms. Therefore you can gain access to the largest audience network in the world

by distributing your message through new media. Outreach creates awareness, and outreach that uses new media to distribute your message

greatly expands your audience reach.


Simply put, you can reach more people through new media than radio, television or print ads.


For example, a southern California city started using new media outreach. As a result, they saw a 236% increase in outreach effectiveness.  Plus they saved money by not having to rely on traditional media ads. By using new media they reached more people and saved money.


This form of outreach is ideal for non-profits, city departments, public agencies, candidates and community foundations that are trying to get the word out about their important causes. Community Outreach Media can setup and manage a new media campaign for you.

If your interested in reaching more people with your message than lets get started now. Contact us and schedule your free new media session.

We're excited to meet you, and take your outreach to the next level.


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